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Eat Up the Health Benefits of Mahi-Mahi

health benefits of mahi

Locally called “dolphin,” Mahi-Mahi is known to be Florida’s most popular fish, with 70 percent of all Mahi in the United States originating from the Florida coast. Mahi is referred to dolphin due to its large size, but is in no way related to mammals at all.

Bright blue, green and yellow in color, this Florida fish has a long body with a short, distinct face. Mahi-mahi is very valuable within the sport and industry of fishing, and fishermen often try to catch this fish by taking advantage of their attraction to floating objects. Dolphinfish are most populated in the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Current and throughout the Caribbean. Their high reproductive capability and fast growth rate keeps this species healthy and populated. Since Mahi is so populated in Florida, it can be enjoyed year-round, though it is a popular catch during the summer months.

Mahi is a low-calorie fish with plenty of health benefits, and contains a high amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. Each serving is around 134 calories (depending on how it’s prepared), with most of the calories coming from protein. The fish contains vitamin B-5 and B-6, which supports healthy cell function and controls metabolism. Vitamins B-5 and B-6 are also beneficial to brain function and mood by helping to produce neurotransmitters and hormones. Selenium and potassium are both minerals found in this fish, which helps the body to fight disease and support the immune system.

Mahi Benefits:

  • Lean Protein: High protein at low calories 
  • Iron: Healthy red blood cells.
  • Selenium: Helps balance fluids and protect against harmful cells entering the body.
  • Vitamin B: Promote healthy brain function.
  • Potassium: Promotes a healthy heart and prevents disease.

Whether you prefer tasty Mahi tacos or healthy Baja boxes, we have your fresh catch any way you like it at any of one of our three Timoti’s locations!

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