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Wild Caught or Not? Check Out Some Facts About Eating Wild

Wild Caught

What's the Difference Between Wild-Caught & Farm-Raised?

We know wild-caught is better, but why? Wild-caught seafood means that the fish were caught in their natural environment by fishermen using hand-lines, nets or traps. Farm-raised seafood means that the fish were raised in tanks, enclosures, or lakes and were specifically fed to be sold for consumption. It is possible for fish to be both wild-caught and farm-raised, it just depends when the fish was taken into captivity. More than 50 percent of all seafood produced for human consumption is farm-raised, and according to World Bank, it’s expected that two-thirds of all seafood will be farm raised by 2030. 

Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids that they get from eating smaller fish that eat algae. When fish are farm-raised, they might not be exposed to as many smaller fish as they would if they were wild-caught, so some sources say that farm raised fish are less rich in omega-3. 

Mary Ellen Camire, professor of food science and human nutrition at the University of Maine’s School of Food and Agriculture says that there may be a difference in taste. She states, “A wild turkey tastes very different from a farm turkey. Farm-fish tend to have a little bit more fat in their diet, so they might be a little more tender or softer, compared to a wild-caught fish which might be a little leaner, although it may depend on the fish.”

To fish for wild-caught seafood in Florida, federal regulations apply, meaning that a fishing license is required. Regulations are constantly changing regarding which species can or cannot be caught, so it’s important to do research on the area you plan on fishing in. It’s illegal for supermarkets to falsely label their seafood as wild-caught or farm-raised, so you can be sure to know which you are getting if you are shopping to cook for yourself.

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