Timoti’s Key Lime Cups, Our Tasty Summer Treat

jacksonville dining key lime pie cups

Did you know that key lime pie is the official state pie of Florida? And for good reason! This delicious tropical treat is made with a graham cracker or pastry crust, a whipped topping, and of course, the classic key lime custard. You can find this quintessential Florida dessert in just one light, refreshing bite of Timoti’s Key Lime Cups! Pair it with Timoti’s Seafood Shak favorites, shrimp po’ boys and fresh fish tacos, and you have the perfect one-stop summer meal!


The Fascinating Origins of Key Lime Pie

Jacksonville dining key lime pie

Key lime pie is, not surprisingly, from Key West. According to What’s Cooking America, legend has it that William Curry, Florida’s first self-made billionaire, employed a cook called Aunt Sally in 19th-century Key West. Aunt Sally was quite clever and resourceful. One day, she did not have lemons for lemon ice box pie and used local key limes instead. Voilà, the key lime pie was born! Her tangy and tart creation was passed down to locals for generations before it was finally documented and distributed in the 1930s. Interestingly, Aunt Sally originally used sweetened condensed milk instead of fresh milk because refrigeration was not yet available in homes. To this day, the recipe has not changed!


 The Legal History of Key Lime Pie

Jackonville dining key lime pie

Surprisingly, this seemingly sweet key lime pie has also landed in court several times! In 1965, the Florida state representative for Key West, Bernie Papy, Jr., tried introducing fines for people who falsely claim they used real key limes in their key lime pie. To his dismay, his bill was rejected. In 1994, it was legally acknowledged as a symbol of Florida, and in 2006, it was officially named the state pie of Florida. This came after a long, laborious battle with pecan pie, which some lawmakers said better reflected state history. But key lime pie won – and good thing! It gave us Timoti’s delicious Key Lime Kups today.

Timoti’s Key Lime Kups feature layers of tart key lime custard, freshly whipped cream, and crunchy pie crust crumbles! Our cups use real key limes, too, so our guests can enjoy the authentic flavor of the Florida Keys every time. Bernie Papy, Jr. would be very pleased, too! We also make our Key Lime Kups fresh, from scratch, and in-store every day. They are a delicious and refreshing summer treat you can enjoy during or after a long day exploring Ponte Vedra, lounging on Fernandina Beach, or walking along the St. Johns River.

Jacksonville dining key lime pie

There’s always time for dessert.

Get your key lime fix today! Visit any of our three locations to try out this decadent, refreshing summer treat for yourself.