Now Available: Sunday Brunch at Timoti's

Sunday Brunch Never Goes Out of Style

Jacksonville Brunch

Enjoy Sunday Brunch at Timoti's in Fernandina and 5 Points (Nocatee brunch coming soon!) and try our brand new brunch box! A play on the classic shrimp and grits, Timoti's brunch box incorporates your choice of protein with tasty grit cakes. To really make it brunch, order one with a mimosa (champagne and orange juice) and toast to a beautiful summer ahead.

Box Breakdown

Step 1: The Grit Cakes. 

Homemade grit cakes topped with panko breadcrumbs and smothered in a tomato and bacon gravy, finished with chives and shaved parmesan cheese. 

Step 2: The Protein. 

Try your brunch box with your choice of wild-caught shrimp, mahi-mahi, chicken or tofu. Your delicious and made-to-order protein will be served atop the grit cake and straight to your satisfaction. 

Step 3: The Mimosa. 

Let's keep this one simple. Pour the champagne in the glass, add your favored amount of fresh Florida OJ, and slowly sip your way into a relaxing, care-free Sunday afternoon. 

Note: Available Sundays only. Currently offered at Timoti's in Fernandina Beach and 5 Points Jacksonville. 

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