It's Soup Season!

Fall for Florida Soup

In Florida, the temperatures began slowwwly cooling down as we approach December, but when they drop, us Floridians are cold. For those us who are not acclimated to the chilly weather and need something to warm us up, Timoti’s soups are the perfect remedy. This season, try our delicious New England Style Clam Chowder, or our hearty Seafood Stew. Made with wild-caught and sustainability-sourced ingredients, these local Florida soups will have your belly thinking it’s still summer through that cool Florida chill.

Not only are our soups tasty, but combinations that include spices like chili powder contain capsaicin, which helps boost the metabolism! Hint - you can get the same affect with our new Timoti’s Cajun Seasoning, the perfect stocking stuffer!

4 Fun Facts About Soup:

  1. The earliest archaeological evidence for the consumption of soup dates back to 6000 BC, and it was hippopotamus soup.

  2. Americans eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year.

  3. The pop culture catchphrase "No soup for you!" originated from a 1995 episode of the TV show "Seinfeld.”

  4. Timoti’s Soups can be ordered at all 3 locations online, and delivered to your doorstep in the 5 Points Jacksonville area through Bite Squad!

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