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Meet our Mouth-Watering Gluten-Free Options

Gluten-free Fernandina

Cutting gluten out of your diet can be a difficult and intimidating task, especially when dining out. Gluten-free diners, whether diagnosed with Celiac disease or gluten-intolerant, must avoid proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale (a mix between wheat and rye). Traversing a culinary battleground littered with hidden gluten land mines can be tough, but here at Timoti’s, we believe that a dietary restriction should never mean that a guest should have to sacrifice flavor. In addition to the gluten-free menu options listed below, our experienced and friendly staff is always available to answer questions about our menu, as well as provide suggestions and modifications to menu items to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Baha & Rice Boxes

With your choice of shrimp, fish, chicken or tofu, this dish is 100 percent gluten-free on it's own. Protein is served over coconut rice with avocado, greens, black bean salsa and tomatoes, and comes with a deliciously tangy cilantro ranch dressing. Yum! (Pictured above.)


Our salads are a perfect gluten-free option. Just ask for it  without the croutons , your choice of protein, and enjoy!

Our salads are a perfect gluten-free option. Just ask for it without the croutons, your choice of protein, and enjoy!

The unique flavor profiles found in our salads can be entirely gluten and guilt-free! Try our house salad or our Chopped Salad Box with fresh greens topped with beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, toasted pecans, feta, croutons and Timoti’s fig vinaigrette.

Simply remove the croutons from the Chopped Salad Box to create a fresh, gluten-free dish. Add grilled or blackened shrimp, tuna, chicken or tofu if you’re feeling something a little more hearty.


Our dedication to creating simple, flavorful meals with wild-caught seafood is highlighted in this house favorite! Pick from your choice of shrimp, tofu, chicken or fresh catch to create your basket. Next, substitute slaw, black bean salsa, a side salad, or a seaweed salad for the typical sides of fries and hush puppies and enjoy!


These drool-worthy tacos are easily made gluten-free! Just ask for corn tortillas. Take your pick from our fresh-caught shrimp, tuna or mahi, or opt for a non-seafood option with our chicken or tofu. Have your protein blackened or grilled to your liking and then topped with our house-made black bean mango salsa, tomatoes, romaine, cabbage, jalapeno aioli and cilantro.


Poke Bowl

Not only are these options delicious and easily made gluten-free, our Poke Bowl is a great way to cut calories for a healthy but hearty meal. Diners can opt to substitute tamari for soy sauce, making any of these house favorites gluten-free friendly. The Poké Bowl's delicious fresh mix includes raw Ahi tuna, coconut rice, fresh avocado, spinach, green onions, kelp seasoning and black sesame seeds with T’s poké sauce.

Whether you are dining gluten-free for a dietary restriction, or simply cutting gluten for a healthier diet, our unique flavor profiles can be modified to fit your needs. In addition to the options listed above, any of our handhelds menu items with grilled or blackened proteins can be made without a bun or wrap. This means all the flavor without any of the gluten-filled fuss!

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