Florida Food Staples: Fried Shrimp

Fried Shrimp is Always in Season

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Timoti’s began years ago as a fried seafood shack in Fernandina Beach. Though we have evolved and shifted our menu and brand to reflect a healthy variety of options for vegetarians and poke bowl conquerors alike, our roots shine through Florida’s staple: fried shrimp.

As a a shoutout to our Yelp reviewers, we picked 10 of our favorite shrimp reviews to share about their experience with us and our famous staple food group. Enjoy with lemon, cocktail sauce or on its own, and taste a bit of old Florida with this famous basket seasonal year round.

  1. “I've had the shrimp po boy a couple times.  Love the fresh shrimp, lightly fried on tasty split French bread.  You can get it blackened or steamed, but seriously, don't do that to a po boy.  The seasoning is light so do add their Bam Bam sauce.” - Robert F."

  2. “Hush puppies and fried shrimp were amazeballs.” - Emma D.

  3. Shrimp were juicy and fresh, the hush puppies were a probably the best I have ever had and fries, sea salt and vinegar so very tasty. It was really wonderful all around meal.” - Amy P.

  4. “As always, Timoti's satisfied everyone in my family! We never come to Fernandina Beach without eating here at least once! Our favorite is the fried shrimp basket, and they should really just offer a basket of hush puppies as an entree too! They're the best!” - Alisa S.

  5. “This place has amazing food. Period. It's simple and cooked fabulously. The fried shrimp is, hands down, my favorite on the island. Fresh, crisp, and well-seasoned. They serve it with battered fries that I couldn't stop eating. Their hush puppies are big, tender, and full of flavor.” - Sharon W.

  6. “My family and I ate an early dinner there today and I cannot wait to go back!  We all tried the fried shrimp and it was so yummy!  The shrimp were huge and tasted very fresh!  They give you a nice portion of fries and the hush puppies were awesome!” - Laura M.

  7. “The restaurant was recommended to us and for good reason. We both ordered the shrimp baskets with fries, hush puppies, and cole slaw. Ok, those hush puppies were amazing, but the real money maker is the shrimp.” - Deanne M.

  8. “This was the best food I've gotten from a pick up window in the state of Florida.  I've lived in Florida since 1994.” - Dave. O

  9. "I only want to eat here ever.” - Dwight L.

  10. ”THIS PLACE IS EVERYTHING!!” - Patrice M.  

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