Ceviche is back!

Fresh, Healthy, Delicious.


Late spring and early summer means fresh, light flavors that melt in your mouth and tantalize your taste buds. Timoti's homemade ceviche is back for a limited time, marinated with fresh lime juice and unique spices. As our new special, we'd love to share a little history about ceviche and how it came into popularity. 

Ceviche can be made with an array of fresh seafood options, as long as it is prepared with acidic citrus juice rather than heat. This style of seafood originates from South America and is very popular in parts of Mexico. When the acid of the citrus mixes with the seafood, the process that occurs is similar to when fish is being cooked, and creates a firm and opaque feel to the seafood much like when it is traditionally prepared. Often spelled seviche or cebiche depending on the region, it was first discovered in Peru and Ecuador. In Peru, ceviche is typically served with cold sweet potatoes or corn, and in Ecuador it is served with popcorn or nuts. In Mexico, it is served with raw onions and tortillas. Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has even declared ceviche as the national Peruvian dish that stands as an authentic delicacy. The Japanese have additionally taken ceviche into their culture and molded the concept into a sophisticated, delicate dish. In the Amazon, ceviche is made from freshwater species and topped with salt and chili peppers.

There is a common misconception that the fish in ceviche has to sit in the acidic juice for hours until it is done, however, it can be ready instantly after mixing the fish in with the juices. 

Fish is the main source of nutrition in ceviche, so it serves as an excellent source of protein and can be eaten as an appetizer, meal or side. The fish in ceviche provides a solid dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce inflammation in the body. Fish also provides vitamin B-12, which helps with the creation of red blood cells, and phosphorus, which is used to build bones and activate hormones.

Though it originally hails from the South American culture, ceviche is a culturally famous dish that contains many health benefits. Try some at our Timoti's locations today!

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