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Tuna Poke Bowl Serves Up Plenty of Health Benefits

The tuna poke bowl is one of the most popular menu items here at Timoti's, and for good reason! Not only is it delicious, fresh and layered with flavor, tuna has an array of health benefits important to our diets. Read on for five important reasons why we love this fish, and come in to enjoy it served along with creamy avocado, crunchy spinach and topped with sesame seeds. Yum! 

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St. Patrick's Day & a Brief History of Fish

Ireland was introduced to fish and chips, or what they call “chippies” in the 1880’s by an Italian man named Giuseppe Cervi, who began selling them from a cart outside of pubs in Dublin. Since then, fish and chips have been a staple in Irish tradition. This is a favorite meal for the majority of Britain and Ireland, and St Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to enjoy this meal and experience Irish culture while out with family and friends at Timoti's.

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