Delivery Now Available in 5 Points!

Bite Squad Now Delivering Timoti's to Your Door!

Bite squad Jacksonville

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?"

"It's Timoti's with all your favorite wild-caught seafood at your doorstep!"

Jacksonville folks can now sit back and relax while Bite Squad does what they do best – delivery. Simply place your order online and get your lobster roll, tacos, Baja boxes, gluten-free options and key lime cups delivered to your desk or doorstep. A busy day at the office is no longer an excuse for missing a meal or having to eat junk. Bye-bye lunch of Cheez-its and Snickers, hellllllo best day ever. 

We've partnered with Bite Squad as a hand-picked, food lovin' team. Eco-concious as we are here at Timoti's, we love that they drive with environmentally-friendly vehicles to get fresh food from our restaurant straight to your door, quickly and hassle free! 

Check out their 5-step status checker that allows you to see exactly what the deal is with your food at any given time.

  1. Order Placed
  2. Sending Order To Restaurant
  3. Cooking Your Goodies
  4. Quality Check
  5. It's-A-Comin'

Note: Currently only applicable to 5 Points area in Jacksonville. 

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