Halloween Treats without the Tricks

Kids’ Safety for a Treat-Filled Night

halloween safety Jacksonville

Halloween is a time for our little ones to play dress up in their favorite “scary” costume and frolic through the streets in search of something sweet. This time-honored tradition has parents’ aware and alert on the eve of November, but it is important to keep a few safety rules in mind before collecting goods, especially after dark. Check out a few safety tips for trick or treating this holiday for a fun-filled evening with family and friends.

Join in!

Trick or treating is safer when done in a group, and it’s more fun too! Get together with a group of other adults and their families to make an evening out of it, and watch your little ones have the time of their lives.

Healthy Dinner Before Sugar

Fernandina dessert

Ensure the kiddos have had a nutritious meal before gorging themselves on sugary processed treats. This will help them moderate rather than overeating snacks that will have them up all night. Stop by one of Timoti’s three locations in 5 Points, Fernandina Beach or Nocatee to load up on a quick, healthy dinner so you can get out the door on time to fill candy baskets and have fun. Bonus! Enjoy our pumpkin dessert kups made with real pumpkin and candy corn for a sweet treat yourself!

Map it Out

Before embarking on your sweet-treat adventure, it’s important to have a route planned in advance. Stay in neighborhoods with well-lit areas that both you and your kiddos are familiar with. Reminder that children should never enter a strangers’ home for candy or treats, even for a few minutes.

Stay Visible

If possible, stick to lighter-colored costumes that can be seen when trick-or-treating after dark. If a dark-colored costume is a must, consider adding some reflective tape to the costume or bag to increase visibility. And don’t forget the most important costume accessory of all: a bright glow stick or battery-charged flashlight to light the way door to door. 

Candy Check!

A fun way to end the evening is to pour out all the goodies and see what prizes await. While doing this, ensure all candy is checked before consuming. Keep an eye out for any candy that appears to be tampered with, and if you are passing out candy this all hallows eve, avoid passing out treats that are potential choking hazards, and by skipping treats with common allergens, such as peanuts.

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