Why Wild Caught is Better

Wild Caught Seafood with Conscious Concepts

Fish is known to be some of the best food you can consume, especially if it is wild caught. With a high amount of lean protein, magnesium, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, seafood is a great way to meet your dietary needs. Benefits include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, decreasing anxiety and fighting depression, as well as promoting brain health and improving joint and bone health. At Timotis, we focus on providing ethical, sustainable and wild caught seafood to offer the best meals possible to our family and community. If that isn't enough, check out three reasons below to consider wild caught, and try it for yourself next time you're at Timotis! 

Photo Source: Sport Fishing Magazine

Photo Source: Sport Fishing Magazine


3 Reasons to Consider Wild Caught:

  • Safe food. Since wild caught fish are not force-fed pesticides and antibiotics, they do not contain harmful toxins and chemicals that their farm-raised counterparts often do.
  • Healthy fat. Since wild caught fish are not restricted in environments such as pens or cages, they are able to swim freely and therefore contain less fat that farm-raised fish have. 
  • Ethical food. The environmental conditions in which farm-raised fish are raised often contain antibiotics and pesticides, which are increasingly released into our oceans. Since wild caught fish do not have artificial effects on their surrounding environment, you will not be contributing to farm-raised operations by consuming them. 
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